May 15, 2019

The Stromies

In this week’s episode Amanda and Kelly are celebrating National Stroke Awareness Month! We welcome three inspiring stroke survivors Sarah, Tamsen and Angie to the show to help us celebrate. Listen as they share their survivor stories, tell us how they met and learn all about what they do in the stroke community.

Mar 20, 2019

Rick’s Story

In this week’s episode Amanda and Kelly welcome their first male guest on the show! A fellow American Heart Association Ambassador and stroke survivor Rick Logan shares his story. Listen as Rick shares how he is helping his father, himself and his community unfiltered.

Mar 6, 2019

Catching Up on Life, Music & Clutter

In this week’s episode Amanda and Kelly are finally back together in the same room! The ladies discuss Kelly’s big move, decluttering and Amanda’s struggle to understand how random items can bring joy. Also they talk about how music and certain songs have helped them thru the last few months. #RIPLukePerry

Feb 6, 2019

February… Facts, Fun & Follies

In this week’s episode after technical difficulties Amanda and Kelly celebrate American Heart Month! The ladies share the importance of Heart Month, early signs of heart disease and tips to a healthier heart. Also Amanda shares her nighttime phobias and her ways to make it better. #HappyHeartMonth 

Nov 28, 2018

Elizabeth’s Story

In this week’s episode Amanda and Kelly have another special guest on the podcast! The ladies mutual friend and 2018 National GoRed Spokeswomen Elizabeth Beard is on the show. Listen as Elizabeth shares her survivor story unfiltered. #TakeYourSocksOff

Oct 24, 2018

World Stroke Day

In this week’s episode Amanda and Kelly discuss all things stroke related. World Stroke Day is coming up on Monday, October 29th so the ladies wanted to celebrate by sharing their knowledge on stroke. #UpAgainAfterStroke